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When you’re dehydrated, your power output falls. Plus, dehydration can cause headaches and make you feel crummy. Drinking fluids to help you stay hydrated is the easiest way to keep you feeling good and up your performance. But it’s not just about drinking more water… you need to maintain your water balance by replenishing with electrolytes, particularly sodium, which you lose when you sweat.

  • The more you sweat, the more electrolytes (sodium) you lose
  • Try to replace between 500-700mg of sodium per hour of activity
  • You should aim to drink between 16-30oz of fluids per hour during activity
  • If it's really hot and you're working hard, this amount can double
  • Your body digests nutrients more efficiently when you're hydrated
  • Staying hydrated is a full-time job – don’t slack off!