Collection: BEST BY & EXPIRED

All our GU products feature a BEST BY DATE. Often Best By Dates are confused with USE BY DATES, but the two labels tell consumers very different things. The Best By Date is recommended for best flavour, it is not a purchase or safety date.

The products past their Best By Date are still completely safe for consumption and their performance will not be influenced in the following 12-24 months past this date. There might be a slight change in taste or flavour or in consistency.

Foods past their Best By Date can still be legally sold by retailers according to New Zealand law.

  • Check the product listing for actual Best By Date of each product.
  • Products that are classified as BEST BY are approaching their Best By date.
  • Products will be classified as EXPIRED once past their Best By Date.


Purchase any product in our GU Energy Best By & Expired Collection and get it for 50% of the usual RRP - item will automatically be discounted at checkout. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. 

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