There is no secret to success… but there are some things that help!

There is no secret to success… but there are some things that help!

Have you been wondering if there is a magic secret to success that you've been missing all this time? 

NEWS FLASH! There's no magic single thing.  But, here are three areas you can work on for running success:

1. Values. Are your goals aligned with your values?  This is a big one and one that is often overlooked!

If your goals aren’t aligned with your values then when the motivation wears off and it's time to commit to taking action, then you’ll probably find yourself hitting snooze rather than getting out of bed, making excuses and just not getting the training done.

2. Your thoughts and beliefs. You might really want to achieve your running goal but perhaps you don’t actually think you are capable.

This shows up as self sabotage, as the mental self talk of beating yourself up, putting things off and not getting things done because ultimately you don’t back yourself.

3. Your systems and planning. You can have your head all set and in the game.  But, if you fail to plan, you’ll most likely fail!

It's all well and good being motivated, committed and 100% confident you can achieve your goals, but without a solid plan you might just find yourself missing the mark! Good planning and structure in your life is a key to success.

If you’ve got a weakness or are uncertain in one of these three areas then reach out for support.  These are all areas that can be worked on to ultimately help you achieve the running success that you’re dreaming about!


 - Tanya Bottomley, Adventurer

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