Reduce waste using 15 Serve Gu Pouches

Reduce waste using 15 Serve Gu Pouches

We developed these products because you asked for them. To help you fuel conveniently on long rides or runs, whether you're training or racing.

Let's face it, energy gel packets get sticky when you use them and you can drop them on the trail. We want to make refuelling as convenient and trash free as possible. That's why we created these products.

Before your next long run or ride, fill your gel flask with gel from your 15 serving pouch. The flask has markings on the back so you can tell how much gel is in it.

One great thing about fueling with the Gu Gel Flask is that you need only one hand. The customised nozzle is designed to be opened and closed with your mouth so you can keep moving while you fuel.

After you return from your epic ride or run, use hot water and a little soap to rinse out any leftover gel. The durable soft flask means you can easily give it a scrub with your fingers if needed.

We don't expect you to consume all 15 servings at once.  We suggest you put into the flask only what you need for your planned ride or run.  The gel in the flask should be consumed within 24-48 hours of decanting. Rinsing and drying the flask between uses.

After opening, store the bulk pouch in a cool dry place. It's best to consume all servings within a month of opening.

Gu Energy 15 serving pouches and Roctane Energy Gel 15 serving pouches as well as the gu energy flask are available at your favourite specialty retailer and online at