Powered by the Sun

Powered by the Sun

Now, every time you reach for a GU Energy Gel, you know you’ve got the power of the sun behind you! Guided by our core values of accountability and longevity, our transition to solar power was a logical next step on our journey to reduce our impact on the planet.

With our headquarters in Berkeley, California, we’re privileged with both stunning mountainous trails and bay-front views right outside our windows. However, it’s not enough to simply feel inspired by them. We firmly believe in protecting the places we play. That’s why we are constantly asking ourselves how we can do better to reduce our impact and reduce our waste.


Jessica Carroll has been a GU employee since 2013, and to say she wears multiple hats is an understatement. As our Sustainability Manager, Jess worked tirelessly to spearhead this initiative, win the approval of our executive team (known here as “The Peloton”), educate other employees about the benefits of solar, and eventually flip the switch on our roof-top solar arrays.


Thanks to a newly installed 206 Kw DC solar power system, we will now offset over 95 percent of our energy needs with power from the sun, with a goal of further reducing energy usage until we are 100% solar powered. We produce all of our Energy Gels and Roctane Energy Gels in our in-house production facility, which means we are now using the sun to help fuel athlete PR’s and podiums around the world!


As a certified California Green Business, we have spearheaded many sustainability initiatives such as purchasing post-consumer recycled paper, minimizing water use and using non-toxic cleaning products in the office. To date, GU Energy Labs has reduced its water usage by twenty percent and we’ve managed to eliminate thirty percent of our waste. But, we know it doesn’t stop here…