Demeter's Journey: Embracing the Peaks and Valleys of Running

Demeter's Journey: Embracing the Peaks and Valleys of Running

Meet Demeter, a 21-year-old with a passion for running that was cultivated in the sheep paddocks of the Port Hills near Christchurch. Her journey with running has been a rollercoaster of highs and lows, from the joy of cross country and athletics to a hiatus due to overuse knee injuries. In this narrative, Demeter shares how setbacks led to a fresh perspective on running and the realization that every run is a privilege, not an obligation.

Demeter Kenton-Dau

The Bittersweet Symphony of Running:

For Demeter, running is more than a physical activity; it's a journey through the highest highs and lowest lows. A break from running allowed her to redefine her relationship with the sport, appreciating it as a privilege rather than a chore. The bittersweet nature of running has taught her to savor both the good and challenging moments, acknowledging that everything is temporary – a mantra that resonates during races and runs alike.

Navigating the Peaks and Valleys:

Demeter's running philosophy extends beyond the trails. She emphasizes that life is more than just a sport, and perspective is crucial when things don't go as planned. This outlook helps her navigate through the rough sessions, keeping in mind that challenges are part of the journey. Her father's wisdom, "There is no such thing as an easy tramp," serves as a reminder to be prepared for the worst, fostering resilience in the face of adversity.

Embracing Flexibility and Intuition:

Demeter's aversion to routine is reflected in her training approach. She finds solace in the flexibility of running at different times and spontaneous training sessions that fit around her study, work, and life commitments. Her intuitive approach to training allows her to enjoy runs without the pressure of structured plans, emphasizing the importance of keeping things fun.

Strength, Injury Prevention, and Type 2 Fun:

Demeter incorporates strength and injury prevention into her training regimen, recognizing the need for balance. Gym sessions are an opportunity to make training enjoyable, often accompanied by upbeat music – a mix of drum and bass or country tunes. Her resilience shines through during challenging runs, embracing the concept of type 2 fun – moments that may not seem enjoyable in the present but become cherished memories.


Demeter's running journey is a testament to the resilience, joy, and adaptability required to navigate the ever-changing terrain of life and sport. From overcoming injuries to embracing the spontaneous and finding joy in the process, Demeter's story inspires us to appreciate the privilege of running and approach both the peaks and valleys with a perspective that goes beyond the trails. As she looks forward to future races, Demeter reminds us that every step is an opportunity to discover the extraordinary in the ordinary, making each run a unique and cherished experience.