Coast to Coast 2016 Race Report - Corrinne Smit

Photo credit, Marathon –

This event is circled on my calendar all year, the World Championship of Multisport is right here in New Zealand, and this year it was my second time competing. The course takes you from the West Coast to East Coast, running over Goats Pass and paddling down the Waimakariri River. One thing that had changed this year was my approach to the race, last year I was ticking it off the bucket list a total newbie to the sport, and after coming 4th I was hooked.   I was on a mission to be crowned the Female Multisport World Champion, I was ranked 2nd behind Elina Ussher.

Leading up to the race I had had good results and I was happy with my preparation. Come race day I stood on the West Coast beach at 6am nervous but ready to give it my all. It all starts with a 3km sprint off the beach, once your lungs and screaming and there’s a taste of blood in your throat, its onto the road bikes, groups are formed here so it’s a critically part of the race. Four females including myself made the second bunch, so I settled in and began to think about the next hurdle, Goat Pass ran (33km). After three and a half hours of rock running and navigating my way over Goats Pass I could see the transition area. I sat in 2nd place with a French lady a couple minutes in front and Ussher and few minutes behind.

Next was a short road cycle (15km) to Mt White Bridge to the kayak, I started the kayak feeling good and confident I could catch first place. An hour into the paddle I experienced some difficulty. I had lost steering after passing over a section in the paddle called the “rock garden,” and all of a sudden I was swimming. I reached dry ground and emptied water from boat and got back in, only a couple minutes lost not to bad I thought to myself. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case my rudder cable had broken and had disappeared. Disappointment, anger and frustration hit me and it hurt.

So that was that, my race was over, all that effort, time, hard, long, trainings, and lastly all the sacrifices I had made seemed to be worth nothing at that moment.  I couldn’t help but think about all the ifs and buts. As my mind ponders between these things, one line comes to mind, it is what it is and that’s racing for you. I love all aspects of the sport so my only thought now is Coast to Coast 2017 as I can only get stronger.