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Do I have to refrigerate unused portions of the 15-serving GU Energy Gel and GU Roctane Energy Gel after I open it?

Nope! There’s no need to refrigerate Gels after opening. Store your GU Roctane Energy Gel for up to one-month after you open the 15-Serving pouch. Just store it in a cool and dry place.

Is it hard to get all of the Energy Gel out of the Hydrapak flask?

The customized soft flask has an easy to remove twist-top, which enables easy access for cleaning. For optimal results, wash by hand under warm water with soap and let it dry completely before its next use. Do not wash in a dishwasher.

Is the flask and nozzle hard to use during activity?

The customized high-flow nozzle by Hydrapak makes it easy to dispense your Gel, and the soft flask lets you squeeze as you go to make sure you get every last bit. Bonus! You can twist the nozzle with your mouth, which makes it possible to fuel up with only one hand!

What if I don’t need to bring 5-servings of energy Gel? How will I know how much I’m bringing?

Our Hydropak Gel Flasks have convenient markings to help you get the right amount of servings. One serving of GU Roctane Energy Gel is 1.1 oz., which means you can also use a food scale to portion out the exact amount of Gel you need.