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Mixed Boxes

Roctane Recovery Mixed Bundle - SAVE $37


This ROCTANE Recovery bundle helps support immune health with supplements to replenish key nutrients athletes need to help recover from intense exercise. During heavy training and in periods of increased stress, be proactive with targeted supplementation:
  • Fuel muscle recovery and repair with 20g of whey protein with ROCTANE Protein Recovery Drink Mix
  • Fortify your gut with Probiotics Plus Capsules to keep your immune system strong
  • Enhance your sleep routine with Magnesium Plus Capsules
  • Protect your muscles with BCAA Capsules, the building blocks of proteins

Bundle includes:

  • 2x Chocolate Protein Recovery Drink Mix Sachet
  • 2x Vanilla Protein Recovery Drink Mix Sachet
  • 1x bottle Probiotics Capsules (60 caps) EXP Dec 2020
  • 1x bottle Magnesium Capsules (60 caps)
  • 1x bottle BCAA Capsules (60 caps)

Usual RRP $186.81

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